About company

“Altyn Adam Agency”  is offering you an easy and rapid solution to the process of filling vacancies with the right individuals.

It takes special skills and experience to identify the ideal candidate and we have them both. Our executive candidate search covers all sectors including banking, finance, accounting, insurance, legal, IT, sales, marketing, distribution, retail, manufacturing, management consulting, education and the public sector.

We do more than merely match candidates to job openings. We work closely with clients to determine the exact qualifications and skills required for that position and candidates undergo an extensive interview to ensure that their experience and expectations are appropriate for the job and the culture offered by our clients. Our objective is to launch successful long-term relationships between the individuals we place and our clients.


Outsourcing is a powerful tool that enables companies to optimize operations y focusing on the core business by handing supplementary functions and roles over to the professional service providers.

HR consulting

The powerful auxiliary tool of a control system of the personnel which creates ways of increase of overall performance of employees and the company as a whole.


Al-Farabi ave. 77/2, block B, 1 floor, 1G appartments «Essentai Appartments» Tel. +7 (727) 311-09-54 in Almaty

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